Solo Exhibition at Odd One Out Gallery in 2020 - Wish You Luck. An exhibition exploring the ideas of traditionl of Feng Shui Painting.

Don’t scramble to change its course when you all you need is a stroke of luck. Wish You Luck by Charlene Man is the magic wand we’ve all been waiting for; a wand in the shape of two cats, and a bat, a dragon and a phoenix, a horse and a hundred children. The change we’ve all been yearning for! Reinvent your wealth and health, and your aesthetic perception on Feng Shui paintings with this series of cheery illustrations. Embrace the year’s dichotomies. Whoever said luck and laziness couldn’t coexist? Just look at Lazy Cat. Why not get you a cat that can do both?

show poster

lazy cat

Hidden Dragon

Rising Pheonix

Ferocious Tiger

Handsome Horse

Exit Enter Safe Rug